Joint play detector for light and heavy duty vehicles

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Joint play detector in accordance with the specs of the new European directive 2014-45/EU

Key features

Mechanical unit:

  • Two single, separately controlled mechanical test systems
  • Both surfaces made of galvanised lug-pattern metal plates
  • Mechanical sub-structure painted
  • Guides made of wear resistant polycarbonate

Hydraulic unit:

  • Operating pressure 160 bar max

Control unit:

  • Case made of shock-proof plastics
  • Control of the test plates: single, counter or same directions

Radio test lamp:

  • Robust, shock- and break-proof housing design
  • Focused and bright LED light source
  • Wireless radio communication in the free ISM band
  • Attached by magnet and belt clip
  • Suitable charging station for stand and wall mounting

Technical data

Max drive over weight per axle: 4000 kg (GST 2300 FA) 20000 kg (GST 4600 FA)
Speed of the test plates: 50 mm/sec
Total movement of the test plate: 50 mm (GST 2300 FA) 100 mm (GST 4600 FA)
Power of the hydraulic unit: 1,5 kW (GST 2300 FA) 3 kW (GST 4600 FA)



  • Installation kit (except hydraulic oil)
  • Build-in frames (to facilitate the preparation of foundation)


GST 2300 FA, 4t axle load, for light duty vehicles

GST 4600 FA, 20t axle load, for heavy duty vehicles


File size : 187.27 Kb
File size : 282.48 Kb

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