HL 2066

Mechanical headlight tester

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The optical box can be adjusted height-wise by sliding it along silent and precise, plastic sliding blocks balanced by a spring mounted on the inside of metal sheeting cover containing a centimeter gauge for exact positioning in relation to the headlight.

Key features

Key features:

  • Mechanical headlight beam setter with digital luxmeter
  • Based on wheels
  • Alignment system: mirror and manual inclination adjustment

Technical data

Measurement range angle: 0% to -4%
Measurement range light intensity: 0 - 150 KCD; 0-240.000 lux/25m
Adjustment range - above floor from center of lens 250 mm to 1400 mm



  • Laser Visor + Laser pointing system


With indication of the light intensity in lux

With indication of the light intensity in candela


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