GPS 4000

Speedometer for trucks

Heavy duty » Speedometer

Speedometer (free rollers) to check the tachometer of the commercial vehicles

Key features

Roller set:

  • Mechanics in compact flat design, galvanised and consequently, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Level painted rollers
  • Pneumatic brake of the roller for easy drive-out
  • Roller brake integrated in lifting device

Control unit:

  • Lockable main switch
  • To be connected to an external PC which allow to visualize, store and print out all results


Technical data

Max. drive over weight per axle: 15000 kg
Pneumatic lifting device - elevate / lower time by 11t: 30 / 15 sec
Test speed: max 120 km/h
Roller diameter: 332 mm
Roller length: 1000 mm
Roller distance: 550 mm
Useful width: 800 - 2800 mm
Wheel diameter min - max: 600 - 1300 mm


Additional modules:

  • LRS 4100/15 free roller set for connected axles


  • Empty PC cabinet, design, which recalls the legendary Snap-on tool storage, PC, keyboard,  mouse, 27" TFT flat monitor, A4 ink jet printer


With adjustable wheel protection

With adjustable wheel protection and light barrier for automatic lift operation

Prepared for tachograph testers


Certifications & Networking