GPS 1000

Speedometer for 2-3-4 wheel mopeds and scooters

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Speedometer with road simulation capabilities to check the maximum speed on the two/three/four-wheeled vehicles with a maximum design speed of not more than 45 km/h and an internal combustion engine whose cylinder capacity does not exceed 50 cm3, or an electric motor with maximum continuous rated power of 4 kW maximum (European vehicle categories L1e, L2e, L6e).

The complement of the Videoline 204-RP, split design with rollers 1000 mm long, used to test, beside cars and vans,  motorcycle, three wheeler, quads.

Key features

Roller set:

  • Mechanics in compact flat design, galvanised and consequently, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Level painted rollers
  • Eddy-current brake and wear-free load cell
  • Pneumatic brake of the roller for easy drive-out
  • Mechanical coupling for decoupling left-right side

Control unit:

  • Lockable main switch
  • Speed alarm: LED cluster signals when speed exceeds 60 km/h
  • To be connected to an external PC which allow to visualize, store and print out all results


Technical data

Max. drive over weight per axle: 4000 kg
Max. test weight per axle: 1000 kg
Test speed: max 80 km/h
Road simulation with eddy current brake, breakeble power: 3 curves: max 4825, 5807, 9360 W
Roller diameter: 199 mm
Roller length: 900 mm
Roller distance: 300 mm
Useful width: 200 - 2000 mm
Wheel diameter min - max: 300 - 800 mm


Additional modules:

  • Motorcycle fastener, mobile, pneumatically controlled, to retain the mopeds/scooters 2 wheel in the test stand. Belts for the 3-4 wheels mopeds and scooter


  • Empty PC cabinet, design, which recalls the legendary Snap-on tool storage, PC, keyboard,  mouse, 27" TFT flat monitor, A4 ink jet printer
  • Blower for the engine of the vehicle. Composed of two mobile fans, easily positioned for best cooling effect
  • Roller covers


Certifications & Networking

Certifications: Italy

Networking: MCTCNet2