DMA 200

Deceleration meter

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Universal microprocessor-controlled instrument to measure and acquire deceleration values.
The efficiency of the braking systems can quickly and easily be determined.
Analogously it is possible to apply for metering accelerations. In this way, statements on the vehicle dynamics can quickly and easily be met

Key features

Key features:

  • Meusuring instrument with display with 4 x 20 backlit characters and keypad with 16 keys
  • Storage bag
  • 230 V power pack
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic electronic levelling
  • Memory capacity for 10 measurements
  • Accumulator operation possible
  • Interface for pedal pressure transducer
  • Serial interface for PC including software to display by a graph the deceleration and generate a report assessing the braking effect

Technical data

Measuring range: ± 10 m/s²
Resolution: 0,1 m/s²
operating time: 4-5 h
charging time: 1,5 h



  • Tape printer
  • 12 V car adaptor
  • Pedal force transducer


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