BDE 4604

Roller brake tester for heavy duty trucks and trailers, busses


Professional roller brake tester with analogue visualization and PC based. The wide range of accessories allows to meet all requirements

Key features

Roller set:

  • Mechanics in split design, galvanised and consequently, suitable for outdoor installation
  • Rollers at drive-on side elevated, with coated rollers
  • Roller sets are equipped with rust-proof feeler rolls
  • Measurement with wear-free strain-gauge type load cells
  • Motor brake for preserving motor and gear during drive out of the roller set
  • Splash-proof motors 26 kW (cycle S3) displaced under the rollers or at drive off side
  • Integrated axle load weighing system or installation kit for later retrofit of the weighing system

Visualization/control unit:

  • Two different versions: 1) with large analogue display unit and power cabinet, 2) with power cabinet and control unit to be connected to PC
  • Analogue display with double scale for left and right side, measuring range: 0-9 / 0-45,5 kN automatically switch over
  • Function lights for ON/OFF status, manual/automatic mode, indication of roller starting and slip of the wheel, left/right
  • Lockable main switch integrated in the power cabinet
  • Infrared remote control, to control test stand from driver’s seat
  • 8-digit LED display to visualize the weight, pedal force, pneumatic pressure
  • To be connected to an external PC which allow to visualize, store and print out all results

Technical data

Max. drive over weight per axle: 20000 kg
Measuring range: 0 – 9000 / 0 - 45500 N
Max. brake force: 45500 N
Test weight per axle according ISO 21069 (70% braking efficiency): 13000 kg
Idling speed: 2,2 km/h
Roller coefficient dry wet: > 0.7 / > 0.6
Motor power: 2 x 26 kW (cycle S3)
Roller diameter: 255 mm
Roller length: 1000 or 1200 mm
Test width: variable



  • Swivel wall support or column for analogue display
  • Heating system for analogue display
  • 4 WD mode (counter rotation)
  • Empty PC cabinet, design, which recalls the legendary Snap-on tool storage, PC, keyboard,  mouse, 27" TFT flat monitor, A4 ink jet printer
  • Rugged tablet PC, to be used to read the measured data and replaces the remote control unit
  • Pedal pressure transducers cable or radio version
  • Pneumatic radio transducers cable or radio version
  • Pit safety devices 3 or 5 points for split versions
  • Roller covers
  • Wide range of build-in frames (to facilitate the preparation of foundation)


Motors under the rollers, analogue display unit to be connected to PC, 1 speed version

Motors under the rollers, control unit to be connected to PC, 1 speed version

Motors at drive off side, analogue display unit to be connected to PC, 1 speed version

Motors at drive off side, control unit to be connected to PC, 1 speed version


BDE for trucks
File size : 648.85 Kb

Certifications & Networking

Certifications: Italy (Class 2)